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About Justellus

We help innovators to achieve their vision.

Since 2011, Justellus has delivered results for entrepreneurs, management teams, and investors that want to transform their business and drive growth.  

Justellus started as a feedback platform provider to help fans of brands to easily share constructive feedback with  their favorite brands.  Along the way, it became clear that many of the customers that we served were looking for more than just feedback - they needed help navigating the unexpected challenges they encountered to grow revenue and profits, raise capital, and maximize exit value.


Eleven years later and Justellus has thrived by consistently delivering results for its clients of all sizes across dozens of verticals.  By offering comprehensive Advisory growth services and strategy then implementing it, the Justellus team and its network of transformation talent, support your vision and become part of your team.

From working with start-ups to billion dollar businesses, Mark Wallace and his network of revenue acceleration experts have amassed an impeccable track record of client success.  

Mark Wallace

"Justellus is passionate about helping entrepreneurs, innovators, and disruptors - people like you.  

You and your team deserve the opportunity to reap the benefits of your hard work and build a valuable business for yourselves, your investors, and your families.  

That is what we do for our clients. We succeed when you do."


Mark Wallace

Founder and CEO

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