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We make businesses more valuable

Trusted by Entrepreneurs Since 2011

Justellus was founded to address a significant problem: startups and small businesses struggle to afford experienced strategists, revenue and operational leaders, and senior-level advisors.

Founders face immense pressure from investors to achieve unicorn status. Quickly, they realize that leading a company, communicating with shareholders and employees, and taking on the role of top salesperson is a massive challenge. The demands can be overwhelming.

While we prioritize achieving results, the well-being of our Founders is even more important. It is alarming that 70% of Founders experience mental health issues such as stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.

Justellus supports founders throughout the stages of their professional and personal growth journey, to position them for a successful outcome, whether it be organic growth, revitalization, investment, IPO, or an exit.

Mark Wallace
Justellus, Inc.

"Justellus is deeply passionate about assisting entrepreneurs, innovators, and disruptors - professionally and personally. You deserve the chance to enjoy the rewards of your hard work and we increase your likelihood of winning exponentially."

Mark Wallace has built an impressive track record of success as a strategic business growth advisor and mentor to founders at different stages of their growth journey, from pre-revenue to billion dollar businesses.

In addition to being a Board Member and Founder/Co-Founder of multiple companies, Mark has held positions as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Head of Sales and Customer Acquisition, and strategic sales professional for over 20 years. Mark is an award winning top-achiever and business strategist who has collaborated with some of the best performing CEOs in the world.

He is a graduate of Bentley University in Waltham, MA, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Management with a concentration in marketing. During his time at the university, he excelled as a four-year varsity hockey player. Beyond his professional endeavors, Mark is a dedicated father and husband, who has always given back to his community as a youth hockey and baseball coach, mentor to student-athletes, and advisor to local business owners.

My Commitment to You

Whether a business is in the startup, growth, maturity, renewal, or decline stage, Mark's proven methodologies have consistently delivered transformative business results. Equally important, he serves as a trusted confidant to founders, dedicated to their success both professionally and personally.


I am not here to judge you - I am here to help you and your team.


I do not work for your investors (but they will definitely be glad you are working with me).


The areas we will focus on are many - tops on the list will always be revenue models that increase valuations.


Justellus subscriptions are fixed-cost, affordable, and scale alongside your business growth.


The subscription cost will be the easiest investment to justify - EVER!