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Justellus' proven revenue growth and fractional CRO solutions are game-changers.

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Justellus How I Can Help You.

Since 2011, Justellus has been successfully pivoting and reviving companies and helping new ones to launch and accelerate their revenue growth.

As your trusted business growth strategist and executive mentor, my 100% track record of client growth, investment, and successful exits speaks volumes about my commitment to the success of Justellus clients.

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Execute Smarter, Grow Faster.

Execute Smarter, Grow Faster.

Unlocking the full potential of your business requires the right strategy - not a cookie cutter approach.  You need an experienced, results driven confidant to guide you through the critical phases of growth and change.

As your executive mentor, I offer expertise and guidance tailored to your company’s needs, goals, and culture. From strategic planning to revenue impact training to business efficiency improvement, Justellus provides solutions to boost your organization's operational performance and growth.

Current and Past Clients Include

Are you…

  • driven to succeed and build a valuable business?
  • worried about how the economy will impact your success?
  • unsure how to methodically and quickly grow your business?
  • concerned about your investors' confidence in your ability to scale?
  • having difficulty building a cohesive, high performance team?
  • struggling to succinctly communicate or improve your USP?
  • overwhelmed by the pressure to hit revenue forecasts?
  • uncomfortable presenting clearly to investors?

Then, you’ve come to the right place to seek guidance and support.

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What Our Clients and Partners Say

Discover how Justellus empowered clients to reach new heights and unlock growth.

“Justellus helped my sales team close a $90K deal after one session to teach how to overcome objections and I have never seen the team more fired up! We then had our best month of the year. One of the fastest ROI’s ever!”

Derek Showerman
CMO, William C. Huff

“Mark is a trustworthy mentor and leadership advisor. He provides authentic advice and a valuable perspective based on years of success and experience growing businesses. Looking at the results and Mark’s impact on growth, profitability, and utilization rates, working with him is a strategic growth investment that is very easily justified.”

Scott Brenowitz
Former CFO, Red Five

“Mark’s assessment, advice, and support was invaluable during our IPO and acquisition process.”

Frank Campbell
CEO, Pilgrim Bank

“If you are lucky enough, you will end up with a handful of great mentors. I believe in coaching, mentorship and paying it forward. Most of my life, my mentor was my father, a successful entrepreneur whom I was able to absorb, observe and listen to for over thirty years. Most recently, there were two key people, Mark Wallace who then introduced me to Barry Libert. Both came into my life at the exact right time. EstateSpace was not where I wanted it to be or intended for it to be. This was one of the hardest times in business I have had in almost 20 years and I was struggling. What happened to me happens to a lot of people, I lost focus, exaggerated the situation and the true vision was lost in the clutter.They helped me get back clarity, turn the business around and find success. The best part about this story is that professionally things are better, but personally my relationships have improved beyond measure and that is what life’s all about”.

Jonathan Fishbeck
CEO and Founder

"I hired Mark at a time of transition when we needed an experienced, effective leader for our sales and business development. I found myself relying on him on all matters from sales, social marketing and account team management to mentorship and training of our younger employees.  He's a person of integrity and loyalty who is well respected by peers and partners alike.”

Panos Panay
Former Founder and CEO, Sonicbids (Current CEO the Recording Company)

Very simply, Mark is a superb sales leader with a clear understand of social technologies and it's impact on sales and marketing, the importance of data, and using the social web to build customer relationships to drive growth.

Barry Libert
CEO & Founder, AIMatters

Mark came into a very challenging environment and performed exceptionally well. I would strongly recommend him for any company looking to accelerate revenue.

Jim O'Connor
President, The O'Connor Group, Inc.

Mark's passion for business growth and innovation is contagious. He leads by example and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in technology, product, business strategy, sales and marketing.

Sam Margolis
Vice President, Growth Cantina
If you are eager to quickly grow your business and become a small business success story, just turn to Justellus – your trusted business growth strategy consultant.