Getting Started

Let us help you fire up the engines by answering some common questions about our services.


1) How do you offer your services?

We provide executive level sales acceleration services on a contract basis.


2) Why would we work with a consultant instead of hiring someone full time?

By the year 2020, it is expected that over 40% of the workforce will be contractors.   Pivoting companies need to act quickly, often build teams prematurely, and have trouble attracting and maintaining top talent.  By working with Justellus, you benefit from top talent and the experience necessary to successfully position your business for the future.


3) How do current employees react to hiring an executive level contractor?  

One thing we are known for is our ability to establish internal and external relationships.  We work diligently to foster a team environment and a strong culture.  When a company realizes its potential, is more successful, and grows, employees are much happier.


4) Our company is trying to raise capital.  How can you help?

By helping you increase sales, improving processes and forecasting, and implementing today’s technologies, your company will be positioned much more favorably to receive investments and higher valuations.


5) We want to use your free feedback widget to get insights from our clients.  Can we still do that?

Yes, you can.  Please fill out the form on the right and request a Justellus widget in the comment box.


6) How big is your staff?

We have a small staff with access to proven resources to provide expertise if necessary.  Therefore, we are very thorough in qualifying if your business is a fit for our services.


7) What roles does your team generally play?

We are hired to lead sales, business development, and marketing.  We do not fulfill customer service roles.


8)  What size companies are typically your clients?

We prefer to work with companies with revenues under $100M.