Getting Started

Have questions about our services?  Well, we have answers.


1) How does Justellus offer its services?

We offer our services on a contract retainer.  The specifics are based on your needs.


2) Why would a business work with a consultant instead of hiring someone full time?

By the year 2020, it is expected that over 40% of the workforce will be contractors.  Growing and pivoting companies are under a lot of pressure.  Executive teams often make reactive decisions, build teams prematurely, and have trouble attracting and maintaining top talent. By working with Justellus, you have access to top talent who can successfully and efficiently position your business for the future.


3) How do current employees react to hiring an executive level contractor?  

One thing we are known for is our ability to establish internal and external relationships.  We work diligently to foster a team environment and a strong culture.  When a company realizes its potential, is more successful, and grows, employees are much happier.


4) Our company is trying to raise capital or get acquired.  How can Justellus help?

When we help your company to increase sales, improve processes and forecasting, and implement today’s digital, social, and mobile technologies, your company will be positioned much more favorably.  While it is important to report your current revenue to an investor or buyer, it is even more important to show the potential for your business in the future.  We help companies improve their valuations making it easier to raise capital, be acquired, or continue to drive organic growth.


5) How can I justify the investment of working with Justellus?

We help you sell more.  We help you close deals.  We improve your sales process and your methodologies.  We help make your team more productive and successful.  We drive top line revenue for your business.  Nothing is easier to justify.


6) Does Justellus only help a company to accelerate sales?

Helping businesses make money is what we do.  We have a partner ecosystem that can support customers with finance, marketing, and other business needs.


7)  What types of companies are typically your clients?

We prefer to work with companies with revenues under $100M.  We specialize in helping start-ups led by passionate entrepreneurs and re-energizing small to medium sized businesses that have seen their momentum shift due to changes in market conditions.


8)  What is the best way to determine if Justellus is a fit for our business?

Because we limit the number of clients we have, your success is INCREDIBLY important to us.   That is why our Founder qualifies each and every opportunity to ensure we can fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations.  Simply request your no risk, free consultation. The price is right!  


 “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

-Zig Ziglar

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