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Good Service Plus Social Media = Win-Win | Justellus, Inc.

Good Service Plus Social Media = Win-Win

This week, I went out to dinner at a place in Worcester MA called the 111 Chophouse.  I had seen signs on my commutes home for some time now and thought I would give it a try.  It is a Chicago Steakhouse that prides itself on its steak.  And, I like steak.

111 Chophouse

Steak is a specialty at 111 Chophouse in Worcester, MA.

When our steak was delivered, one of the steaks was delicious, while the other one was not to our liking.  The attentive wait staff recognized that there was an issue by reading our body language and came over quickly to ask us if everything was ok.  When we explained something just wasn’t right, they quickly responded and offered to make a new steak stating that “we should be happy with our meal and they were committed to making sure we are thrilled with it”.  They quickly talked to the kitchen staff and they prepared another steak that was absolutely delicious.

This reaction at many restaurants is not often the case and too many times makes us feel as if we might be unreasonable, but the staff was empowered to make this offer and did nothing to make us feel uncomfortable about speaking up.  When it was ready, the manager apologetically delivered the steak – no questions asked.  So, we left the 111 Chophouse stuffed and very pleased with the result.

In a world where companies often question the value of social media and its impact on revenue because they cannot easily track the potential influence, I have now told a number of people this story.   They all live in the area and like me have wide networks of social media influencers with significant buying power.  If you are reading this blog post, you too have seen my favorable review about my experience.

Study after study indicates that on average people who have a bad experience tell 15 people and people who have a positive experience tell 5 people.  If this blog post is shared by readers from our Facebook, Twitter, or other social sources, it could reach thousands of people.  How many people might see this?  My guess is many will but one only knows how far reaching it could be.

Now, imagine that the situation was handled poorly and it was a negative experience.   Same reach, different story.

A good experience coupled with social media is a win-win for everyone.   And, there is no doubt that someone who reads this post looking for a good steak on a site like ours, that is committed to improving the relationships between customers and companies, will likely give the 111 Chophouse a try over someplace else.  And, when they have a similar experience and tell their friends, no marketing piece they can create will have the same social influence.   Wouldn’t you agree?