Anyone can provide feedback 24/7/365 – no sign up necessary!  However, having a Justellus account has many benefits to you.

7 Reasons why you should have a Justellus account:

  1. You share real feedback:  You now have a channel to share exactly what is on your mind with the right people who work at your favorite companies.
  2. You support worthy causes:  You have the ability to help great causes. Please visit our causes page to to learn about the charities you will help.
  3. You Benefit from free therapy:  You feel better when you share or vent, right?
  4. You access your own user dashboard:  When you log in, you can see all your submissions and badges earned. Over time, you will receive updates on any action taken by companies. For example: If you submitted feedback about Justellus and we listened and acted upon it, you would receive an update in your personal dashboard.
  5. You will receive special offers:   Companies are known to serve up special offers to Justellus users from time to time. Ever heard the saying, “penny for your thoughts?” Same concept applies here! You never know when a company will thank you for your taking 30 seconds of your time to share your honest thoughts.
  6. You will laugh:   Enjoy a quick laugh, do you get that when you take a survey?  We try to be a PC company, so no dirty jokes. But we do provide a Joke of The Day with each member submission. By the way, have a joke? Send it to
  7. You get recognized for your efforts:  We provide a fun badge and points system to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or anywhere else you hang out online. We think some of the badges will amuse you as much as they amused us when we made them. So try it out, invite your friends to join in, and start amassing points today!

Do you have feedback?  Say no to surveys!  Justellus about your experience instead!

Corporate folks, click here!

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